Discussions to New Demands of High End Products in African Industry Download PDF

Journal Name : SunText Review of Material Science

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5100.2022.016

Article Type : Research Article

Authors : Run Xu, Hur B and Kim Y

Keywords : New demand; Discussion; High end; Products; Africa industry


The new demands in high end technology like computer part may occupy new market which are new renewable energy and wisdom products respectively in Africa technology. They are green and convenient products that utmost decrease contamination and increase convenience. Therefore they should be treated carefully and importantly. Leadership will become an important culture in our society which may raise their effectiveness and depth as a person. In this study the above two and is discussed detail will be seen in the article part. The demand is discussed in detail in this study. Going on innovation with new high technology we shall acquire what we want really in order to become a new leader to solve the difficulty and continue study the knowledge. Conquering the technological difficulty to make new and innovative design and idea to work all the time which I think we must acquire new creation to drive force in related high technological field.