A Systematic Study on Blood System of Immune Mechanism of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Sepsis Download PDF

Journal Name : SunText Review of Case Reports & Images

DOI : 10.51737/2766-4589.2024.122

Article Type : Review Article

Authors : Yao LL and Chen W

Keywords : Pathogenesis of sepsis; Tissue; Metabolism; Immune


The pathogenesis of sepsis has not been well understood. In this paper, the immune mechanism of viral sepsis was discussed from a systematic perspective, and the compensatory law of system balance was revealed among all levels of the large and small systems, and a new theoretical viewpoint of the immune mechanism of viral sepsis was proposed.

Mini Review

The pathogenesis of sepsis has not been well understood [1]. In the past, sepsis was thought to be mainly due to tissue and organ damage caused by excessive inflammation. However, more and more studies have found that the pathophysiological process of sepsis is very complex, including inflammation, immune and coagulation dysfunction and other aspects, involving various changes in cell function, metabolism and microcirculation [1]. In the past few decades, researches on the pathogenesis of sepsis have mainly been deepening in the microscopic field, while little work has been done in the overall (systematic) research. A situation of "seeing the trees but not the forest" has occurred in the research. However, there has been no breakthrough in the research results. From the perspective of system theory, this study conducted a theoretical discussion on the immune mechanism of hand-foot-mouth disease sepsis through multi-disciplinary intersection, revealing the compensatory law that all levels of the large and small systems follow the system balance, and then proposed a new theoretical viewpoint on the immune mechanism of innate immunity "compensatory/decompensated" viral sepsis [2]. As a complex biological organism, human beings have the characteristics of a system. The immune mechanism of viral sepsis has been discussed by using the viewpoints of system theory, information theory and cybernetics, and the theoretical viewpoint of "compensation/decompensation" of inherent immunity has been well interpreted [3]. The proof of the new theoretical viewpoint in this study is the ideological route of first theoretical logic proof and then clinical observation evidence [4]. This study has achieved certain research results in the overall (system) research. Following the above research ideas and reverse thinking, can the research work be continuously promoted from the field of macro systems to the field of micro systems to find new research ideas?.


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