SunText Review of Medical & Clinical Research

ISSN: 2766-4813

Aims & Scope of the Journal

Aims to publish high-quality papers on all aspects of general & scientific medical research and clinical practice. This journal facilitates the research and wishes to publish papers as long as they are technically correct, scientifically motivated.

Scope of the Journal included all the aspects of Cardiology, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Internal medicine, Orthopedics, Infectious diseases, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Endocrinology & Diabetes, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Dentistry, Oncology, Rheumatology, related to all Medical and Clinical studies.

Impact Factor - 2.6IF

Cite Factor- 2.3*

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                                                             Volume 5, Issue 1

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Editorial Committee   Guidelines

Editor in Chief:

Elvira Bormusov

Israel Institute Of Technology
Unit Of Anatomy And Cell Biology


  • Yazicioglu T

    The content of this journal, which includes different studies in the field of medicine, consists of carefully selected articles and I believe that it will make a significant contribution to the reader.

  • Yosef Gebreegziabher

    Your journal ''SunText Review of Medical & Clinical Research'' is an encouraging journal; specially for people like me who are new to publications in the scientific world. I want to thank you for your generosity and giving the opportunity to communicate to the scientific world with your publication of my manuscript. Dear since english language is my secondary language, please try to understand and make any grammatical corrections.