The Innovative Medicine Policy and Finance in Epidemic of Covid-19 Download PDF

Journal Name : SunText Review of BioTechnology

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5097.2022.037

Article Type : Review Article

Authors : Xu R, Hur BH and Kim Y

Keywords : Medicine; Function; Epidemic; Innovative; Covid-19; Drug; Policy; Finance


The medicine has been significant in epidemic of Covid-19. The drug will keep up with the situation to relieve our disease. Therefore the innovation one will be urgent more and more. In company and university will increase the R&D and laboratory to support and provide new drug function in time. From government the more finance support will be necessary currently. New policy must be out from government to deal with current epidemic situation. Only both of policy and finance can ultimately eliminate the epidemic. From both of policy and new drug the vaccine can be made as soon as possible which is anticipated thing. Only we are injected it can we gain the health and recovery. So innovative medicine function should be improved even changed which is our demand and it is destination in this study.


The epidemic has been prevail since 2019 winter the medicine to prevent from epidemic will be paid more attention. Therefore the new medicine and drug will be urgent currently. The new vaccine will be looked forward more and more by us. Since the virus variation happened the new one formed called delta variant. We put our endeavor to it too so the vaccination can be injected to our body. Now the Omicron is the latest variant which is sharper one to interrupt us. Therefore how to predict the future variation become new challenge to overcome. From the society answer will be clear so the whole anti-virus can be necessary [1-5].

For example the correct takes mask, wash hands and quarantine & inject vaccine. Meantime innovative medicine will be searched in order to satisfy the demand of related cough, cool and heat disease. As we know the low immunity will cause the new disease too. The whole medicine needs to be innovative. In China the low medicine ratio still exhibit the target one is frequent. The related medicine is still not so strong and efficient and medicine human resource is still lack. So how to improve the default is urgent and the government need to put forward to policy more in finance support. Therein both of hospital and drug shop & government constitution need to common conquer the disaster.

In this study the detail medicine and drug has been searched. The developing and making innovative medicine is the destination which needs to pay attention and behavior more than usual, therein the breaking the difficulty will be possible. In special the whole endeavor must be put in this epidemic Covid-19. Wishing early escaping from this disease is our internal will. We should patch all of method to deal with the disaster not only policy but also innovation drug. We shall let everyone inject all of vaccine to protect from virus. Only the complete vaccination can make us transfer this epidemic. Therefore we shall positively mate with all of vaccination.


Policy and finance

The medicine is important currently and it is more significant especially in epidemic. There are many patients in epidemic time. Therefore the government proposes the related policies to control and decrease the amount of the patients which will turn the situation strongly. Wisdom government knows the situation and propose corresponding answer to it which decrease the death rate big. So the policy exhibition is the most important than all of others. We should advocate the correct policy for decrease the epidemic extension. We shall invite specialist to participate the whole course of epidemic and listen their mind to protect wide human being from epidemic. How to choose the specialist must base on their achievement and experience subject. Don't see the exhibition only. We choose several ones for subject who should lead us to complete this difficult status. Passing two years epidemic period we are meeting the most difficult time. The epidemic must be controlled by now through policy and our endeavour only the efficient epidemic prevention method may prevent virtual from continuing wield. Two way play the role commonly in order to prevent it therefore not to forget the main and subsidy relation. Due to the good policy can result in good results the common propagation is the key where the virus will wield utmost to propagate others easily. The epidemic prevention drug to injection is the most efficient way to its propagation. It may decrease death ratio therefore strength injection will be recommended strongly. Due to the virus transition happening the epidemic prevention shall predict its future or injection in advance which may promote its efficiency. The variation should be controlled when it starts variation. This is rapid and efficient control which is necessary for us to grasp completely the variation in order to start adapt test even variation vaccine making. Searching its transition course is for predicting the more variations which may have advantage to diversification. Many policies need to be created from government institution in order to follow specialist suggestion. These policies are corresponding to local differences in nation. Good policy may increase efficiency largely therefore they should propose prudently and rapidly. Finance support is tolerated and electronic to deal with financial transfer. The dealing time need to be shorter in special current epidemic period. Encouraging the medicine enterprise does their best and whole endeavor to complete innovative drug making. Distributing the factory makes new vaccine earlier to grasp the virus transition in advance for decreasing domination and pride. Competition will access capability by one. For the sake of rapidly making new vaccine they need to be transferred rapidly or they will reach summit and find other maker to produce even import new vaccine through large money. All of this is produced by no successful prediction variant transition that let us to wait long time to direct virus. Therefore they should put more specialists to solve the feature of virus to analyze the development of them. This is the first thing to do. It needs all of us to stand in order to overcome their variation. It is knew it will vary with the vaccine. Maybe it’s adapt is strong. It will overcome vaccine to destroy the world. We stand the in front of artificial intelligence virus.

The policy should be proposed according to these features. Only with hospital doctor and institute specialist can the correct vaccine be made. Therefore we should trust them to analyze the virus and make corresponding vaccine. The vaccine will be spread all over the country to inject vaccine. Vaccine likes bullet proof clothing it can prevent us from dangerous epidemic. We must use it to protect our body. This is our destination. To complete proceed the strong monitor can be used to let everyone to be injected. Let them recovery and form a thin film to protect themselves. It is ultimate destination.

Innovative vaccine and drug

The new drug accelerates the R&D (research and development) of innovation drug has been urgent. That the domestic new drug applies to clinic has been developed rapidly. In 2020 the new innovated drug for clinic applied has increased 1448 which increases 70% to compare with last year. The nation will transform the finance to these new drug to increase this enterprise activity in order to enhance its competition capability after estimating the qualified drug. Encouraging the more innovation drugs are researched and developed continuously in company or university laboratory. Enhance the R&D investment is to make precision and delicate drug in function and efficiency. It is multiple researches where every function is included for sophisticated composition. After the clinic investigation the innovation one may be produced to cure corresponding disease including in epidemic. In university many medicine laboratories will be increased according to the nation latest policy, why isn’t the new establishing factory and flow line proceeded in society and company. National financial support should be beyond universities and lead the correct direction. From small to big group the route need to be rapid (ASAP) as soon as possible, so we can increase the drug making lines for different function and type in order to increase competition power. To increase the laboratories quantity in university and drug R&D dept. so as to promote our competition, wherein the investment will wield its role in competition. To enhance Drug Company competition will be our destination. To increase drug factory is to a way to make competition atmosphere. The maker big drug factory can be a main aim to realize brand for their quality and efficiency.

The innovative drug need us to invest more human being and capital to develop continuously. As seen in Covid-19 the urgent necessity like vaccine is significant so the more medical team will search efficient drug to deal with disease. The new drug includes necessity& urgent one and general one. The former will be important than later in disease period. Both of them need to be emphasized but in currently we should transform the former to carefully and completely analyze and utilize the weakness to control it. Therefore we should win it at all. We should have positive psychology to deal our live. Despite the sophisticated status the hope is held which is our exit. Therefore the injecting vaccine is the necessary course for all of our health. We must join the course in order to prevent from variant virus. Not only first injection but also the whole one should be proceeded to everyone. Don’t escape the vaccination but meet them. Maybe there is better result. For the sake of eventual elimination variation virus the detail vaccination plan will be made and monitor. To improve drug efficiency the adapting drug is necessary which can barrier virus and eliminate the virus efficiently.

In short the good policy will accelerate the escaping from disease, which must be passed by specialist. On the other side the innovative drug will be developed continuously for our health through government finance transforming vaccine to implant into our body. Increasing R &D many high end drug can be made to promote our capacity to proof disease. Drug research has stood in high end field in world which our country is still lying in low occupation so the high end drug has bigger space to enterprise. The continuous R&D on high end ones will benefit to other drug development. It makes high profit to ensure the revenue to increase for convenience to reinvestment including R &D and house & produce flow line even support other drug on the other side. With rapid development currently the innovation drug meets big challenge so the new drugs should be searched and made rapidly. Only when the transforming to main high end drugs can we lead medicine role in the world which is big competition capacity with our new drugs.


The medicine has to be supported by government policy. Policy should be planned by specialist therefore the correct one will be ensured. Financial transfer is the virtual materials to help medicine to create new drug. The innovative drug is urgent in epidemic period in special so encouraging all human to create drugs is essential. It is believed that after we endeavor altogether the recovery will be attained. But new drug R&D still need us to be continued continuously. We can make vaccine to protect us from virus so we also may escape from this epidemic. It is paid more attention to Omicron which maybe is last variant for us to overcome. Vaccine function will be checked. If there is efficient period policy is proposed correspondingly like increasing injection times.


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