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Journal Name : SunText Review of Endocrine Care

DOI : 10.51737/endocrine.2021.003

Article Type : Editorials

Authors : Huang WL

Editorial Article

In the author´s daily clinical practice, having 29 years of practice after her medical school graduation in Brazil, she has noticed patients complain that they do not improve their endocrine condition, such as diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, even while undergoing treatments with medications recommended by specialist doctors [1-11]. There is a gap in the understanding of why this happens and this is not only happening in the area of endocrinology, but in all areas of medicine in which many of the causes that Western medicine today does not understand, end up referring to the psychiatrist because what does not appear in exams doctors think it is an emotional background, and most of these patients are using antidepressants. In the article written by Spence (2016) entitled Bad Medicine: The rise and rise of antidepressants, the author is saying about the risks of over diagnosis generally and what he is saying is about the risks of putting label in any illness that could cause an impact in the human being, in his future and to the relationship [12]. But what the author wants to convey in this article, are the risks of medicating these patients today (mistakenly rated as depressive and who are in fact in a severe low energy state, caused by the exposure to the electromagnetic waves that almost the entire world population is suffering nowadays) with antidepressant drugs and the of any other highly concentrated medications. These medications are causing even greater drop in vital energy (according to Arndt Shultz law) and further reducing energy, leading to greater risks of developing diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. and all other chronic diseases, as demonstrated in several articles by the author in which she is showing that the majority of patients today are suffering , regardless of age, sex, diagnosis [1-11,13]. But in a publication by the author (2019) entitled Why Are Diabetic Patients Still Having Hyperglycemia despite Diet Regulation, Antiglycemic Medication and Insulin? and in another article entitled The importance of Chakras and Energy Imbalances Correction in the Prevention and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes, she is demonstrating through these articles that patients with diabetes have energy deficiencies in the chakras’ energy centers (root level) that is leading to the manifestation of hyperglycemia symptoms (leaf level of the tree), demonstrated in all her articles. There is still a gap when everything done by Western medicine’s doctors has no clinical result in the treatment of their patients [3,4]. All these problems came from the point of view of institution that considered scientific only what can be proven by naked eyes, through laboratory exams, or radiograph, but there is another point of view that they are not considering until today that the entire universe in which we live and the formation of the human being is formed of energy (that is not visible by naked eyes) and until it materializes it can generate years of energy imbalances leading to delayed diagnosis and ceasing to be treated in early stages, before there are changes in laboratory tests, as demonstrated in all articles published by the author [1-11]. The modernization of medicine, failing to take into account the teachings of the oldest medicines, such as the commandments of Hippocrates, who say that we must consider the oldest medicines before the current medicines (which has about 108 years old, after the implementation of the Flexner report), instituting norms of how the operation of medical education would be adequate, leaving behind the medicines that cured patients with less aggressive medications such as homeopathy and Chinese medicine [14,15]. However, with the passing of the years, with the modernization of communication technologies, the use of high technologies to keep the world connected, this brought some deleterious consequences to the human being that cannot be seen with the naked eye, as they are causing damage at the energy level in human being, often manifested as depression, apathy, obsession, irritability, agitation in children, loss of memory, infertility, insomnia and many other symptoms and how our medicine was taught to understand and treat only the symptoms, but do not understand the energy imbalances that generate them, these people are treated in an indiscriminate way, with antidepressants, anxiolytics, medicines to induce sleep, medication for children like Methylphenidate. In an article entitled Methylphenidate use in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, this author (2015) is trying to say that other articles that is saying that the use of Methylphenidate to the children is not good for them were made only using small amount of articles to conclude this result. Considering this medication a highly concentrated medication, according to Arndt Shultz Law, the use of this medication in children will cause a drop in the vital energy, and according to Chinese medicine, energy is very important for children in all stages of development (growth, vision, memory, concentration, earing, smell, taste, communication, etc..) and the author is affirming, based on Arndt Shultz law. These medications and all other medications that will be causing harmful effect in the energy point of view will cause consequences in the body´s health reducing their energy. This energy is considered our immune system according to the article written by the author (2021) Are We Vaccinating Immunocompetent or Immunocompromised People for COVID-19? For this reason, she is saying that it is important to understand the effects of these medicines on the energy level that nowadays are already altered by electromagnetic waves that affect all sectors of this planet, affecting everyone's health regardless of age, gender, and presence or not of comorbidities [10,13,16]. The reflection of this is in the wave of infection by the COVID 19, with the deaths attributed by the virus infections being a minuscule being. The author is questioning if it is really the virus the cause of so many deaths, sadness and devastation in so many countries? This question the author (2021) is doing in another editorial that she wrote entitled What Have Behind in All Kinds of Infections that We Need to Know, she is questioning if the use of these kinds of medications recommended by the great authorities of infectious diseases in the world and of the great universities are causing harm in the energy of the patient, leading to death? Or it is simple caused by the virulence of the virus and nothing could be done. According to Hippocrates, we need to treat the patient and not the disease. Another quote from him is “It is far more important to know which person has a disease than to know which disease a person has” [6,15].

In this article What Have Behind in All Kinds of Infections that We Need to Know, the author (2021) described some articles and she reported treatment of various community and hospital infections without using antibiotics in that she claims that every infectious condition has an energy deficiency and formation of Heat retention [6]. According to the author, all diseases nowadays including all endocrine diseases are related to the energy deficiency of the chakras energy centers, which is the term used by Ayurvedic medicine, but the author uses the thoughts of Chinese medicine that has correlations and correspondences between chakra and the Five Elements theory. This intricate complex of ways of treating and seeing the patient has the same objective as bringing the cure to the patient, but the author in several scientific publications, has been demonstrating that Western medicine treats the leaf level in the metaphor of the tree where it presents in all its scientific publications and that Western medicine is unaware that there is an energy center that controls the functioning of all organs, and the external sensory organs, and that Western medicine does not understand the whole mechanism nowadays, with no exception to treat fever, pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and according to Arndt Shultz Law has caused an even greater reduction in the vital energy of people who are already low in many articles published by the author (2020 and 2021) such as The Importance of Treating Energy Imbalances and Chakras Replenishment for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Chakras’ and energy deficiencies in the genesis of breast cancer [1-11]. In studies developed by the author as well as in the treatment of hypothyroidism, many of these patients report not having improved with the replacement of thyroid hormones and only improved after the replenishment of the energy of the chakras’ energy centers, because the “battery” of the organs that controls and keeps the organs functioning were completely without energy (in this case fifth chakra), demonstrated in the radiesthesia procedure. This study was sent to be presented on the webinar 2?? Global Webinar on Traditional and Alternative Medicine [12]. In diabetic patients, some patients even using diets, hypoglycemic medication and insulin, patients still maintain high blood sugar and the author has already explained in many diabetes congresses such as Diabetes Conclave 2021 and in the publication Why Are Diabetic Patients Still Having Hyperglycemia despite Diet Regulation, Antiglycemic Medication and Insulin? In this webinar, one medical doctor questioned that the data analyzed at the energy level was not scientific, regarding the relationship that existed between the formation of diabetes and cancer. As Western medicine used the reasoning by Galen and is following nowadays what Flexner report characterized as what is scientific and not scientific (what we cannot see by naked eyes that is energy) , this is the main point nowadays that we are facing due to that many problems related to the formation and development of diseases came from the energy imbalances and the Western medicine until now cannot understand that the use of medications that they are recommending for the treatment of the majority of diseases are harming even more the vital energy, that is very impaired due to the changes in the energy pattern after the implementation of the modernization of the communication systems (5G technology) and demonstrated in the article Energy Alterations and Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies and Propensity to SARS-CoV-2 Infection [1-11,14]. According to the author's view, what is not scientific is not understanding the totality of the human being's formation and treating only what they can see and not knowing that the human being is formed of energy as the whole universe is formed, from the pen and notebook that the author is writing this article or on the table that is supporting the notebook that is writing the small lines of this article. This principle is very well explained in the book of Capra (1975) whose title is The Tao of Physics, in which the physical author studies the different points of view of medicine presented by Western and Eastern medicine, in which the truth is that they need to be integrated and not looking at different view point, because energy and matter are just different phases of the same thing and we need to study the principle of everything to start studying medicine again [18]. Therefore, our model of medicine nowadays is incomplete and measures must be implemented with respect to the reformulation of the medical curriculum taught in medical schools, because the drugs that these educational institutions are recommending to treat these diseases, are no longer adequate to the type of population that we have nowadays, showed in the article written by the author entitled Is the Population in the World the Same as in the Past? [1]. In fact, we must follow the recommendations of Hippocrates who say that we should treat the patient and not the disease because the latter is only a manifestation of energy imbalances at the root of the tree (demonstrated in all her articles) and influences external pathogenic factors. If it is being treated at the leaf level by the Western medicine, the author is saying to do not forget to treat the root, that it is impaired nowadays as the author (2021) wrote in her publications Chakras’ and energy deficiencies in the genesis of breast cancer and in the article Energy Alterations and Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies and Propensity to SARS-CoV-2 Infection [2,11]. 


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